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This one is kinda like my wall of love 🥰, because I never thought I could receive such a kind words from so many people! You can scroll down to see what others have said!

I have wanted to have a biz/or community where is not about just what I offer, but where people can CONNECT, be kind, be warm, and reach out to help when one or another needed help!

Before I have started everything, I have learnt from this person (p,s it's not really a particular training or anything but more like the way she "biz model"). I quote biz model, because let's say for now I dont think this is a really right word, maybe it is, but like if people asked what kind of life you want, what lifestyle you dream of, then similar to business side, this is kinda the same what kind of business you want!

The content I write in my emails, and every info, and the how much I send is all the things that I wish someone would do when I just started or read these kind of emails if there was someone actually doing all of this.

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You might think the emails is too much.

You might don't like my emails.

You might don't like how much I send out the emails.


The frequent I send because I don't want YOU to miss all the awesome things!

And that's totally OK if you don't like my emails, maybe we're not for each others yet!

It pretty easy to lose my emails in your inbox, because I do, which another reasons why I would send more for you.

And, quite frankly some of info might required you to pay in some place.

And, yes, Eng is not my first language, but I don't really think that is my "excuse" for not writing "correctly" in the emails.

Because my mojo is just send it without correcting it! and I write how I would talk, and essay is never my thing, and English essay even not, I could pass it is I really thank God already.

I want to send out "hi, how are you, are doing well? I hope my frequent funny emails does help you abit" but not everytime would be like oh, this one just launched, or just sales, go check it out. But not offend or anything, it's just different people have different approaches.

In my emails that sent, my goal is to help you even just a tiny bit, that is also my big WIN!

and finally, thank you so much for all the supports and love! I would always try my best to deliver the most to you!

And, haha if you don't like my emails, and think we are not for each others, feel free to unsubscribe but don't send hateful emails to me.


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